What is feminism?

What is feminism?

“Feminism,” they say, “is freedom.  It is handling our bodies the way we want.  It is eliminating the wage gap.  It is reclaiming our status.  It is acceptance and love.  It is equality, self-adoration, showing skin.  Feminism is embracing the real woman.”

What should feminism be?

True feminism is freedom.  It is dignified compassion and confidence.  It is loving when loving is hard.  It is maturity, modesty, calmness.  It is intelligence and a clear head.  Feminism is finding our identity as daughters of the Almighty King.  


Why I Won’t Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie – Tim Challies

The Shack presents God in human flesh. It makes the infinite finite, the invisible visible, the omnipotent impotent, the all-present local, the spiritual material.

Source: Why I Won’t Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie – Tim Challies

What a great way to look at the movie coming out soon based on the controversial book The Shack.  I understand many people have been helped by this book, and I want to be gracious, but I tried reading The Shack and had to put it down before I was a hundred pages in.  I cannot read a book that portrays God as anything he has created.  Much less can I watch a movie that will do the same thing visually!

So no, I will not watch The Shack movie.  God is far more than two women and a man.  He is holy.  Holy is a word that encompasses an idea we can’t even understand.  Holy means that God is completely set apart, completely different, completely out of our understanding.  He is God.  I will not watch a movie or read a book that makes any less of him — that is idolatry.  And if the best way to show something is by breaking one of the ten commandments, should it really be shown at all?

This is my personal opinion on the book and movie The Shack.  I know it’s a highly controversial book, and many respected Christian leaders have differing opinions on it.  I do not want to offend anyone who loves this book; I just want to make you think more about it.  Please, if you have any thoughts or opinions, comment below and we can discuss them!


Processed with VSCO with b1 presetLook at our generation.
We are poets, photographers, realists, lovers, musicians, athletes, romantics, workers, thinkers.
We are self centered, but we also have a unique love for the people around us.
We are depressed, but we also find joy in little things.
We are lost, but we are finding our way.
Maybe dull on the outside — coated in stereotypes and cynicism — but dig deeper and the beauty appears.

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