“my heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be your name.”

The hardest choices are the ones we make in our souls, the ones that cut against our thoughts and feelings, the ones that reach for something higher.

We tend to sit in our own selves, not ready to move to greater things.  “I’m fine,” we say, or “I’ll be ok,” or even “I’m learning to be content.”  Too scared of change, too scared to get up, we stay where we are.  But God forbid we sit still.  That would mean we’d have to face our thoughts.  Instead, we busy ourselves with work, school, music, anything to numb the life we lead, to numb the weight we know we carry.  Is that all life is, is life just staying where we’re comfortable?

What if… what if we rise up?  What if we choose to bless the name of the Lord?  what if we choose to seek his Kingdom, and what if that search takes us out of our comfort zone?

….but what if we were never meant to stay in our comfort zone?

God seems to be in the business of stretching us past our abilities, resources, and capability.  It is just past ourselves that we see more of Him and He is best seen through our lives.

— Jennie Allen, Nothing to Prove

It’s a hard choice to move out of our old selves, but it’s worth it.  We were made to be with God.  He longs to reveal himself to you.  All you have to do is make the choice to step forward.


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