why do I write?

Why do I write?  Is it for the attention, the insight?  maybe.  I think I write to get my thoughts out, to share what I learn, and to figure out my thoughts at the same time.  Sometimes I write for pages and pages and end up scrapping it all.  Sometimes I come to a conclusion.  Sometimes I like how it sounds and I think others will want to see it.  Sometimes it makes no sense.  Sometimes it’s just catharsis.

I write in my journal to keep my memories.  To figure out what I believe and how I feel.  To be able to look back in twenty years and have a stock of stories to tell my children.  To learn from my mistakes and my successes.

Sometimes when I write it’s a jumble.  I don’t plan on editing this.  You don’t even have to read this.  See, when I write like this, it’s more on the figuring things out side of the spectrum than the sharing insight side.  Thank God this is a small blog.  I’m a jumble myself.

I don’t write for attention.  I know I’m not understandable a lot of the time.  Ruthie’s told me I sound insane.  Colors and sounds arrange in my fingertips to make poetry.  I write poetry to attach my emotions to pictures and words, it just comes out sometimes. I probably should edit it more before sharing it so that it makes more sense, haha.

As I was saying, I don’t write to gain popularity or anything.  Some of my writing is super private anyway.  On the other hand, if even one person is helped by the things I do choose to share, amazing! you have no idea how much it means when someone tells me my last post helped them through something.  I’ve been encouraged by other people and I want to return the favor.  I believe I have some wisdom to share, really, so I do it.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.  I think before I publish.  (Except in the case of this post…)  I look over it.  I prune and polish it.

Wait where was I even?

right… why do I write?

do I even have a conclusion about this?  deep down, yeah, probably.  I write for a lot of reasons.  myself.  others.  God.  in any case I like to write, and I don’t know where writing will take me.  But if it helps even one person (beside myself) to see truth, then yay!

and after all what is the end of all things?  to know God and to make him known.

do you write?  why do you do it?  why do you draw? paint? make music? why do you do what you do?


3 Replies to “why do I write?”

  1. I think I write for pretty much all the reasons you mentioned. =P Maybe that’s why I have such a wide variety of styles – articles, musings, poetry, random scribblings in my notebook that no one will ever see. Your writing is really beautiful, though, and I love reading it.

    Also, I meant to comment on your other article (“such a lonely soul”) but the comments weren’t open; so I’ll do it here. I was at co-op when I saw it show up in my Reader, and I only glanced at the title because I had to walk out to the car. And I ended up walking around the building/parking lot singing Ghost of a King, because the title had put it into my head. Then while I was waiting at the car I opened the laptop back up and read the article, and at first I was thinking, “wow, that’s crazy! I was just singing that song!’ And then I realized I was singing it because I’d seen the title. =P But it really was a beautiful piece; I love how your writing so honestly and openly wrestles with things. Keep pressing on!

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  2. I am glad you write! It is a gift, and there are many ways this is a blessing. I am verbal (surprise, surprise,) so not too much writing for me, but many of my sweet memories are stored in the resources of my heart and mind. It isn’t always the best place for storage, because some of the beautful details get forgotten. So keep on writing!

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