wave goodbye
to who I used to be!
the past is a trophy
that tells of all I have learned
wave hello
to what is ahead!
the sea stretches before me
and I am strong,
I will soar with feathered wings
above the trees that used to cage me in

but so soon
the strings twist again around my body

wave goodbye
to the sun,
the darkness came back to claim me
and I can do nothing to stop it,
wave hello
to my old friends,
the tree branches that taunt me out of sanity,
and nothing will stir my mind from its hiding place.
the empty night settles on my body
and I am cold,
I sit in my own thoughts
praying for a crack in the closed door
praying for the sun to come
praying for someone to hear me

and I can feel the wings fall off
as the sea closes in


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