baby boy

Christmas time is here.  I always love Christmas — it’s my favorite holiday hands down.  All the snow, the music, the trees, the family, the food, the memories in red and green.  CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE.

Usually I leave Christmas with a greater appreciation for I’ve been blessed with.  But this year, as the day approaches (in 10 days) I’m becoming aware of the incredible mystery that is God as a baby.

God.  He is holy, amazing, powerful.  He created us.  He loves us.  He is beyond size and time, beyond light and darkness, beyond any of our senses.  We literally cannot fathom or understand him.  He is that great.  HE IS GOD!  Wow.

And he sent his actual son (who is also God) to earth.  That’s great, we celebrate that every day of our lives.  But the unimaginable mystery is that God was a baby.

Time for a refresh.  Let’s remember what a baby is.  This is a baby.  Actually it’s my brother (six years ago).

100_0916Isn’t he sweet?  And he was only a couple days old.  We’ve all held a baby in our arms at one point in our lives, perhaps several times, perhaps very recently.

Helpless.  Red.  Beautiful and tiny.  Actual life born of a woman.

Ok wake up call!  Mary was pregnant with Jesus. This means that she held God in her uterus for nine whole months.  That’s a long time to have a divinity in your stomach.  Fall, winter, spring.  And the whole time, she knew it.  She knew that her baby was God.


Ok what’s unfathomable to me is that God chose to be a human.  Not just a human.  He chose to be born as a baby.  One with tiny fingers and tiny toes and tiny toenails and a tiny nose.

GOD CHOSE TO BE A BABY!  Of all things.  Wow!  And this baby would grow up, would be a toddler, would learn to talk and think, would become a man!  All for us.

That is a reason to celebrate this winter!



One Reply to “baby boy”

  1. Wow Rachel that is so true! God does things in the most beautiful ways, doesn’t he? Christmas is my favorite as well. There’s something about the mystery, wonder, joy, and celebration that just captivates me! May we all remember that it started small, in the form of God coming to us in the most humble way possible. Merry Christmas!


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