In the past two days, I’ve made two big decisions regarding my friendships.

One, I’ve decided not to initiate conversations as much.  I tend to be clingy and feel like if we’re not talking on a semi-regular basis, we’re not friends — so to hang on, I talk.  Well, that’s just not true.  Silence does not mean apathy.  In fact, if we’re constantly talking, we might be overdoing it.  So I’m trying to let others start conversations more, and I’m trying to be content by God’s grace.

My other decision is to not have as many deep conversations via text.  I’ll be the first to admit that great conversations can be had over text, but talking on the phone or face to face is so much better.  It makes a stronger foundation for a relationship.  Right now, most of my friendships feel fragile, as if they could crash any minute, and a huge reason for this is that those friendships are rooted in iMessage.  That’s just not healthy!  So instead, I want to make a better effort to date my friends.  To talk on the phone more, or better yet, go out for coffee.  Already this has been such a good decision.  More solid foundations are being made for friendships that will (hopefully) last a very long time.

Do you agree with me?  Have you made any hard decisions recently?  How did they change your life?


4 Replies to “decisions”

  1. I agree with this. I feel people don’t like silence just as you said. such as when giving a speech we don’t like to pause and not have anything to say so we add ums and Ahs. I think txting is a great thing but yes being with the person, or on the phone you have a deeper connection. They’ve taken time out of their day to spend time with you and listen, this means so much more than txting everyday. we are people who are meant to be in community with others so spending time talking in person is such a great thing and something we are made to do.


  2. Beautiful!
    I really agree with you on this. It’s important to un-connect. While texting can be valuable for some things, nothing, not even Skype, can replace the beauty of a face-to-face conversation. I think people need to try harder to make room in their busy lives for personal connections. I know I do!


  3. This post is oh so true. And sometimes it’s hard to come to that conclusion, but in my experience having deep conversations over texting just isn’t as real. Sometimes I feel like some of us (myself included) find it easier/convenient to talk about deep subjects over messaging and I fear that what is said might never have been what was said if we were talking in person. I don’t want to get comfortable saying things to anyone that I wouldn’t say to them in real life. So I have come to the same conclusion Rachel:)
    Keep it real!


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