knowledge and heart

knowledge and heart
are equal.
knowledge keeps going
when heart fails.
and heart keeps going
when knowledge fails.
but sometimes
it doesn’t work.
and then you know there might not be
any coming back.

…what if there is no coming back?

sometimes it sure feels like there isn’t, like it’s going to take a long time to come back, maybe forever.

maybe it’s snowing hard outside and you’re trudging away from home.
you have no way to stop it.
the wind is blowing at your back, urging you on.
a steady pace keeps you from freezing.
you’re too far away from home to turn around, fight the wind, and get back.

but it’s getting dark.  and it’s getting colder.

well I have to tell you something.
fighting the wind will give you exercise, which will keep you warm.
and eventually you will get home again.

sometimes you’ll even get home a lot faster than you thought you would, because in the dark you had been tracing a circle with your footsteps, and you were nearly home anyway.
once you look up and make the conscious decision to turn around, it only gets better.

soon, then, your heart and your head will be reunited.
they will be fully informed again, and they will help each other.
when heart gives way, knowledge will keep you going.
when knowledge gives way, heart will keep you going.

they will keep you where you need to be.



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