thoughts on faith

Why is faith so hard?

There are two cliffs facing each other, a million miles apart, with an endlessly deep pit between them.  If you fell down this pit you would be falling forever.

One cliff, the one one the left, is the life without God.
The cliff on the right is the one with God.

They’re both lifestyles.  It’s just much easier to camp out on the left cliff.  Getting back over to the right requires an incredible leap, a leap of complete faith in something you can’t see.  “I believe God is real.”  And then continue from there.

The thing is, who has the strength and courage to make this jump?  Where does that strength come from?  Saying that this strength comes from God requires taking that leap just to believe in God so he can give you that strength…

Life on the left side is okay.  Sure, everything dies.  But so do you.  And while you’re alive, those things can make you happy.  And after that what’s the point?  What is the point of anything?  Enjoy life.  Help others.  Become a better person.  What’s the point?

Why is faith so hard?


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